Project start “New kindergarten in Ranchi – Phase 1”

The teaching and support concept for pre-school education in India has mostly remained at the level of more than 40 years ago. Many encounters and conversations in recent years with friends from Germany who are active in the field of education have resulted in a lively exchange about early childhood development and modern forms of educational work. This led to the desire of our partners at the YMCA Ranchi to redesign its own educational concept and to give especially the youngest a more suitable start into a life of learning. In future, small children in particular are to be encouraged in their development without pressure and fear of disciplinary measures. The development of their own abilities in a positive environment and with creative and playful methods should play a stronger role in the educational work.

On the premises of the YMCA headquarters in the heart of the city of Ranchi, a suitable building with a large outdoor area is available. The plan is to transform the currently empty building into a child-friendly, attractive kindergarten through repair and renovation measures. In the first phase of the planned activities, the building for the new kindergarten will first be renovated and refurbished. Repairs to the roof and exterior walls and redesign of the interior rooms will be necessary. Water and electricity pipes will be renewed and sanitary facilities and kitchen will be adapted to the new needs. The outside area and the surrounding boundary walls facing the street also need to be redesigned and repaired.

The project already started early this year and is primarily being implemented thanks to generouss donations from the Berlin-based association Die Kappe e.V., umbrella organisation for the Creativity School Centre Berlin. Meanwhile a number of tasks has already been completed or progressed well. For example, the floors, the masonry and the roof of the building have been fundamentally repaired. Due to the severe effects of the Corona crisis in India as well as heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, the completion of project phase 1 has been delayed by several months. However, all parties involved are very confident that the first phase can be completed in 2021.

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