Final Project Report on the Slum Centres Project

Final Project Report on the Slum Centres Project

In November 2020, we were able to complete the slum centres project launched in 2019. After the successful renovation of the first two slum centres, the Covid-19 pandemic had interrupted the work for several months in early/mid 2020, which delayed the completion of the third centre ‘Islam Nagar’. Eventually this centre was also renovated and remodelled in the second half of the year and is now very actively being used.

Download of final project report

You can download the final report from YMCA Ranchi for the project ‘Slum Centers’ in pdf format via the following link:

Thanks to our sponsors and partners

Once again we would like to thank the Berlin-based association Die Kappe e.V., educational umbrella organisation for the Creativity School Centre Berlin, which made the implementation of the project possible through its generous donation. We also want to thank YMCA Ranchi as the implementing institution as well as all our other partners in India!