Improvement of Infrastructure of YMCA Public School Dhurwa

As part of our long-standing cooperation with the Tagore School in Berlin Marzahn, which has been enabling children in Chaibasa to attend school since 2008, the pupils once again organised a charity run in 2022, which raised an impressive 1,200 euros through donations from sponsors of the children. As the Indian Forum, we have decided to top up this sum to a total of 3000 € in order to provide financial support to a public school run by the YMCA in Dhurwa. Among other things, the donated funds will be used to renovate and expand the school library, a computer room and the school’s science laboratory.

We would like to install more bookshelves, tables and benches for the pupils in the school library. Many of the books are currently lying on the floor as there are not enough bookshelves. At the same time, the stock of books needs to be increased and we would like to purchase new relevant reference books for the various subjects.

The computer room has a total of 15 PCs. Unfortunately, 5 of them are currently not working and need to be repaired or replaced with new components to make them usable again. It would be great for the students to be able to learn practically with the help of the computers, as most of them do not have their own computer at home on which they could try out and acquire skills in the field of computer science.

The YMCA Ranchi and we as the Indian Forum are convinced that the planned activities will help to improve the quality of education at the charitable school and that many students will benefit in their educational careers. The money has already been transferred to India – the project is about to start soon.

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