Project start “Slum Centres”

A group of pre-school children in one of the slum centres in Ranchi

Thanks to a generous donation of the Berlin-based association Die Kappe e.V., educational umbrella organisation for the Creativity School Centre Berlin, we were able to start the new Project ‘Slum Centres’ in cooperation with the YMCA Ranchi in 2019. The goal is to support educational work in the urban slums of Ranchi. The so called slum centres have been operated by the YMCA in the social hot spots of the growing city for many years. Especially children from poor families are being enabled to receive an education this way.

Together with SARJOM, our Indian partner organisation, the YMCA Ranchi wants to increase the quality of the educational centres within this joint project. They will prepare the preschool children for school in playful and creative ways. This does particularly encompass large-scale repair works of the centres, which are currently in a bad state of repair, as well as their redesign in a way appropriate for the children.

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