Youth work in urban slums

Within the framework of our long-standing collaboration with and the donations from the the Berlin-based association Die Kappe e.V., umbrella organisation for the Creativity School Centre Berlin, we launched a new project in 2023: Youth work in the slums of Ranchi, the capital of the state of Jharkhand, where we have been active for a long time.

Hereby, the existing infrastructure of the slum centers is improved to give youths and students a space for self-study and learning. For that, study tables and benches as well as bookshelves are being purchased. A set of books and daily newspapers is made available to the youths and students. The centers will be open for them in the afternoon/evening hours.

Additionally, local volunteers offer tuition classes in such subjects where the interested local children and youths express their needs for improvement. Free-time activities in the fields of sports and music offer the youths of the slum areas opportunities of spending time together in a meaningful way, shaping qualities like team spirit, social behaviour and other values. To make this possible, sports equipment and music instruments are being purchased, and regular classes as well as sports tournaments are organised.

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